Important Notice

Lunch 12.30 - 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm – 10 pm

Dusty Road

Township Experience

Dusty Road is a traditional Zimbabwean restaurant situated in the bustling heart of Chinotimba, the largest and oldest township in Victoria Falls just 2 km from the centre of the city. Step inside a welcoming and thriving home and experience the vibrancy of the community, as local vendors sell their wares, while enticing smells waft across from the charcoal fires and your eyes are treated to bright, inventive regional creations recycled with a heavy dose of African humour and ingenuity. Dusty Road Township Experience’s food is cooked the Zimbabwean way: on open fires and in cast iron pots and ovens, giving guests an authentic, wholesome and tasty food experience. The Dusty Road style is cheerful, earthy, funky and full of soul, with a true purpose at its core. The welfare of women, female empowerment and the awareness of Zimbabwean culture is of huge importance to Sarah and the Dusty Road family, and their work ethos and reason for being, captures this in every way. Sarah’s aim is to improve the livelihoods of the families in Chinotimba through exposure to the Restaurant’s visitors and the transcendental gift of human interaction over a delicious meal. Find out more about Dusty Road’s corporate social commitment by clicking on its Community Project page. Please ask your guide, lodge or hotel for transport to and from the Township Experience.