Dusty Road

Community Work

Dusty Road works with Consolidated Africa Services (CAS [PVO]), which is a Zimbabwean non-profit organization. CAS’ work focuses on boosting awareness of and improving the mental well-being and generating greater economic and social opportunities, particularly for women in the Zambesia region, as well as better management of that area’s natural environment through conservation. CAS helped coordinate international assistance of the Dusty Road food programme that was offered to families when Covid struck, and again came to the fore when donations were made to the Dusty Road children’s programme later on in the year. As a way of continuing its support for CAS’ advice and help, a percentage of all sales of Township Tastes will be donated towards their outreach programmes, in an effort to reach and help more women. In particular – at Dusty Road Township Experience – there is a group of 12 children who sing for the guests in the evening, which enthrals and delights both performers and audience. The children have permission from their parents to do this, and In return for their singing, guests can donate money towards the children’s school fees and other projects.As the world opens up after Covid, Dusty Road looks forward to working with Chinotimba’s other women and children in other projects, as Sarah’s extended family helps the community in which it lives.