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Dusty Road - Township Tastes

The second and latest book in the Dusty Road’s series, Township Tastes takes the reader on another unforgettable gastronomic journey through the unassuming, winding culinary mind of one of Zimbabwe’s most charismatic and well-loved caterers. In the book, ‘Mama Sarah’ creates simple, flavourful recipes, drawing on the wide range of Zimbabwe’s organic (in the true sense of the word) indigenous ingredients. She opens the door into an often unknown and untried world of cooking - one filled with love, humour and unique ingredients. From Tree Tomato Cheesecake to Cricket and Cornflake Crunchies; Oxtail Potjie to Wheat, Coconut & Beetroot Salad; Ice Lollies to Savannah Dust and lots in-between, amateur and experienced cooks alike will delight in recreating these unconventional recipes whose ingredients or substitutes, can be found in most markets and homes. Sarah’s ability to get on with the business of cooking while regaling the reader about the funny roads she travelled while setting up and running an off-the-wall Restaurant in Victoria Falls, is typically her in every way. This book and her tales of simple joy in finding treasures to recycle for the Dusty Road Experience Restaurant will delight and entertain seasoned readers of her previous book, Dusty Road – A Taste of Farm Life and Living in Zimbabwe, as well as those new to her world. Township Tastes is a nostalgic and often humorous trip that reveals Sarah’s love for and creativity with upcycling as well as her character by zigzagging up and down memory lane for the Zimbabweans among us. Equally as important, though, it introduces non-Zimbabweans and new friends to a delightfully unpretentious, fresh, appealing read to those who have yet to meet Mama Sarah and her eclectic style.

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Dusty Road - Township Tastes - The E-book

The digital edition of Sarah Lilford's second entry into the beloved and celebrated Dusty Road Book series.

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Dusty Road - A Taste of farm life and living in Zimbabwe

This humorous, proudly Zimbabwean book won second place in the world in the Entertainment Category at the prestigious Gourmand World Cook Book Awards in 2013. “For the past few years, living in Zimbabwe has been a challenge – fuel shortages, power and water cuts, cholera and inflation have all affected my life and what I do. I pride myself on my ability to ‘make a plan’, improvise and cook anywhere for any number, with limited facilities to produce delicious food, presented simply, with loads of character,” she said at the time. Sarah created A Taste of Farm Life and Living in Zimbabwe not only for its recipes and food but to show and remind people of the richness of the country so many called home, with its creatures, artefacts, culture, local produce and people. Those factors blended in with the lifestyles on the farms and the vibrancy of the African bush, and brought together the old, colonial Rhodesia and the current, independent Zimbabwe with the rustic, earthy and soulful feeling of living in such a real, happy place. In its first three months of publication, the book sold over 2000 copies. It is currently out of print, but orders are being taken for it to be reprinted and available in early 2022, so please click below to order your copy.

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