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For the past few years, living in Zimbabwe has been a challenge – fuel shortages, power and water cuts, cholera and inflation have all affected my life and what I do. I pride myself on my ability to “make a plan”, improvise and cook anywhere for any number, with limited facilities and turn out yummy food, presented simply, with loads of character.

My style of food can best be described as Afro-fusion. (Maybe a little cock-eyed and interesting… my trademark in life.) Wholesome, unfussy, bursting with flavour, colourful, fresh and fun. I have picked up ideas from my dusty roads and journeys, then adapted them to give my cooking an African edge and a uniquely Zimbabwean twist, by using as many natural, locally-grown products as possible. I'm very much a throw-it-together, practical chef.

Food is for sharing with new and old friends – it's a key part of great occasions and even better memories. Whatever you cook and however you do it – enjoy

I have created this book not only for its recipes and food but to show or remind you of the richness of Zimbabwe, its creatures, artefacts, culture, local produce and people – blending in the lifestyles on the farms, the vibrancy of the African bush, bringing together the old, colonial Rhodesia and the current, independent Zimbabwe and most of all the rustic, real, happy, earthy and soulful feeling of living in a place so many of us call home… And also to let you into my colourful, unconventional and full-bodied life of travels and adventures around the world.

In its first 3 months of publication, Dusty Road has sold over 2000 copies. It is currently out of print, but I am hoping to finish the second edition soon!