Dusty Road

About Us

By her own admission, Sarah’s a ‘throw-it-together’ cook whose food has evolved since those heady days of high-end catering for weddings, embassies, boards and customised events. Her trade name ‘Dusty Road’ encapsulates a personal and professional winding journey, which reflects the agricultural upbringing that moulded her approach to food. From her recipes, to her colourful, unconventional style of cooking and her wholesome outdoor lifestyle, every road that Sarah travelled led her somewhere special and interesting. She has a passion for food, people and all things out of the ordinary. For her, cooking was always about friends and family and it’s been that way ever since. While most agree that food brings a family together, in Sarah’s case it isn’t around a table but the kitchen counter. Since having two children, Jack and Andie, her kitchen has evolved further into a hive of busyness filled with laughter and rich memories, as both Jack and Andie also love cooking up their own storms! She didn’t realise it in those early days, but the Dusty Road brand would become ‘the love of her life and her life’s work’. Sarah’s approach to cooking has gone full circle; it’s now settled down to become unfussy and unassuming. It’s wholesome food where the heroes are seasonal ingredients that have been locally farmed, locally grown, locally produced, and locally reared. Sarah’s sunny, outdoorsy approach to work and food has led her down many paths; from a cottage industry for home-grown produce, to catering, to publishing two cook books, to finally owning and running a restaurant in Victoria Falls, one of Zimbabwe’s major tourist hubs. Follow the links below for more information on the different aspects of Sarah’s Dusty Road.